Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof (5x03)

Okay, seriously? We waited all of the hiatus to get the group back together again, and now this? Ugh. My heart hurts. Shall we look at the plot?

We pick up right where we left off, with Gareth speaking to Bob, threatening the rest of the group, while he and his comrades munch away at Bob's leg. Bob then begins laughing, and reveals that he was bit on the shoulder, and that he's "tainted meat." Everyone freaks out, but Gareth assures them that since they cooked the meat, they should be fine. Gareth, angry at Bob for taunting him, knocks him out.

Back at the church, Rick and Sasha are really worried about Bob, Daryl, and Carol, all of whom are missing. As they angrily ask Father Gabriel if he had anything to do with this, Gabriel finally cracks and tells them the truth: when the apocalypse first began, he locked himself up in the church and he wouldn't let other human beings inside. He thinks Rick and the rest of them were sent to him as a punishment for that crime.

Hearing a sound, Sasha and the others go outside and find Bob, who has been deposited there by Gareth's people. Bob tells them about the cannibals, and also reveals the bite on his shoulder. At this point, Abraham says that they should leave immediately for DC. The group is divided, and so Abraham says he'll just continue on with Eugene and Rosita. However, things get tricky. Abraham wants to take the bus, but Rick says that he can't, since his group needs it, and they can't leave before Daryl and Carol are found. Glenn diffuses the situation by making an offer: if Abraham and his people will stay one more day, and help Rick with the Gareth situation, then they can leave, with Tara, Glenn, and Maggie along the way to help them out. Abraham accepts.

Once Upon a Time: Breaking Glass (4x05)

Okay! We're getting somewhere! Let's start with a summary of the flashback, and then get in to what's going on in Storybrooke.

We see Emma as a teenager in 1998. She is trying to steal food from a grocery store, but is nearly caught. Another young girl, Lily, shows up and helps her avoid detection. The two of them buy a bunch of food using a credit card that Lily says she has stolen. They must then run away from a man who is chasing them. Emma reveals her experiences in the foster system, and says that she ran away. She asks Lily if the man chasing her was from social services, and if she too is from the foster system. Lily says yes. The two of them decide to break in to a summer home and stay there. Lily tells Emma that they should always be friends, no matter what happens. At this point, the man who was chasing Lily earlier shows up. Turns out, it's her father. Lily says she's sorry for lying to Emma, but that she really does hate her home life and she wants to run away. Emma can't forgive her for lying, and so she walks away from Lily. Emma is taken back in by social services.

Back in Storybrooke, we see the Snow Queen create an ice monster. At the sheriff's station, Emma and Elsa are continuing their hunt for the Snow Queen, to no avail. Hook stops by to drop off some files. He tells Emma he's going to take Henry sailing, and after kissing her on the cheek, he departs. Will, still in the jail cell, witnesses the whole thing, and laments his situation - all he gets for dinner is a pop tart with a bite already taken out of it. Emma and Elsa look at some pictures in the police files, from back when Regina had Sidney spy on Emma. She sees pictures of herself with Henry, and then she finds a mysterious picture of herself talking to the Snow Queen, which she has no memory of.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night (8x10)

I can't believe it! I learned things about Clara this week! I actually, honest to God, learned something about Clara that had nothing to do with the Doctor or with Danny Pink. I mean, granted, it was a pretty basic thing, not all that interesting, but still! Something!

Let's start with the plot, though.

In the middle of London, a young girl named Maebh stumbles across the TARDIS. The Doctor tries to figure out where she's come from, and he realizes that a forest has grown over the entirety of London. Clara and Danny, in London on a school trip, realize the same thing. They also realize that Maebh is missing from their group. Clara immediately calls the Doctor to tell him the exciting news about the forest, only to discover that he already knows. They all meet up and start to speculate about why the forest is there.

While inside the TARDIS, Danny notices some school papers, which prove that Clara has still been traveling with the Doctor. Then, the Doctor realizes that Maebh is missing. He and Clara go to find her. They talk about how the forest continues to grow, and the Doctor senses something sinister afoot - the forest is a generalized human fear. They find Maebh, but she appears to be having a panic attack of some sort. Apparently, her sister went missing, and she's been really unstable ever since. She's been taking medication. As the Doctor and Clara find Maebh, they also find some wolves and a tiger that have escaped from the zoo. The wolves run away from the tiger. The Doctor, Clara, and Maebh appear to be trapped!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Legend of Korra: The Calling (4x04)

I loved this. It was like watching an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender again. While still advancing the major plot of the season, we also got to see a typical travel episode, with three little kids on a journey to find something important! Just like the old days.

Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo set off on their journey to find Korra. Jinora cannot seem to find a connection to Korra, no matter how hard she tries. Little does she know, Korra is cut off from her Avatar State and thus her Spirit is inaccessible. And that's not the only obstacle to finding Korra: the three siblings seem to have a hard time getting along.

Meelo keeps trying to take charge, and acts impetuous. Ikki is constantly interrupting her siblings - she scares away the girl that Meelo is flirting with, and she interrupts Jinora's attempts to meditate. Ikki wanders off, annoyed at her siblings for not letting her help. She is captured by two Earth Empire soldiers, who are working for Kuvira. Turns out, they're pretty nice guys. When Ikki explains how she feels left out of the mission, the soldiers sympathize, because they've been given this post out of the way of everyone else, and they feel left out of the Earth Empire. They help Ikki try to figure out where Korra might be. Ikki sees the swamp on the map, and realizes that it might be a good place for someone to hide.

Meelo and Jinora find Ikki and "save" her from the soldiers, even though she didn't really need much saving. She says that the swamp is a good place to look for Korra. As they are flying overhead, Jinora and Meelo both say that they're not so sure, but Ikki is determined that Korra could be down there.

Parenthood: The Scale of Affection is Fluid (6x05)

I found myself enjoying this story line quite a bit, although I still have some questions about Crosby. This week, however, we set aside the Hank, Ruby, and Sarah plot line, which I think was dragging things down quite a bit. Let's take this one thread at a time.

Max is observing Dylan to try to find out about her interests. He tells Kristina that Adam told him to strike up conversations based on common interests. Kristina is really disturbed by this development, because she thinks there's no way Dylan will like Max in return. At a family barbecue, Zeek and Crosby both encourage Max to pursue his crush, and Kristina gets angry. She and Adam go to talk to Max, to attempt to curb his enthusiasm. They say that how much people like one another can be put on a scale from 1 to 5, and that sometimes maybe one person likes another person as a 5, but the other person only likes that person back as a 2. Max seems to understand that, but Adam then says that the numbers can change over time. Max is interested to learn that the "scale of affection is fluid." He tells Dylan he likes her at a 5, and Dylan, upon learning what this means, says she likes Max at a 2. Max says he'll have to work to change her mind. Dylan, charmed, says maybe a 2.5.

One question: how old is Dylan supposed to be? She seems older than Max. Although maybe I'm wrong about that? I'm not sure. In any case, I enjoyed this story line. The best part was Kristina and Adam's coded conversation about numbers on the scale, and how Kristina, getting pissed at Adam, said that her number for him was slipping from a 5 to a 3.5. That was really hilarious. They also had a lovely conversation about Max's future. Adam really wants Dylan to like Max, because he wants to believe that it's possible for Max to have a future like that. Kristina is overly cautious, terrified of Max getting hurt. I can understand both sides of this so well. Max and Dylan's conversation was great, too. Even if Dylan is extremely obnoxious, she still understands about Max's aspergers, and she works to accommodate it. Instead of laughing it off when Max talked to her about the scale from 1 to 5, she answered the question honestly and treated it seriously. I love that.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Grey's Anatomy: Bend & Break (11x05)

You know you're in for a bad one when the very first words of the episode are "uncontrollable bleeding." I could feel the tears coming on already. Last week, I said that Grey's Anatomy offers its best material when it focuses on one primary story line instead of the whole ensemble. They did it last week with Maggie, Meredith, Richard and Ellis, and they do it this week with Callie and Arizona.

The two of them decide to go to marriage counseling. They don't seem to be making any progress, so the counselor suggests something rather extreme: a "break" from their relationship. Callie is resistant, but Arizona thinks it's a great idea. They have to go 30 days without talking except for emergencies, and without sex. Because of Sophia, they will continue living in the same house.

During the separation, Arizona tries to focus on her fellowship. However, she's finding it difficult to let go of her pediatric patients, which pisses Alex off. Finally, after a baby develops a complication, Alex angrily tells Arizona to butt out and let him handle it his own way. Arizona finds herself unprepared for a procedure in her fellowship, and Dr. Herman tells her that if she makes one more mistake, she's out of the fellowship.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Vampire Diaries: Black Hole Sun (6x04)

Stefan and Damon finally had broments! Sort of! Yay!

Kai is keeping his mouth shut about how to get himself, Bonnie, and Damon out of the repeated 1994 loop. He says that he wants to hear Damon's story of what he did on that day, and why he thinks of this day as "Hell." Damon, reluctantly, tells the story.

In 1994, Damon came back to Mystic Falls to turn over a new leaf and be with his brother. He, Stefan, and Zach Salvatore are all living in the Salvatore boarding house. Zach has a pregnant girlfriend. At first, things seem to be going well, but then Stefan learns that Damon switched out Zach and his girlfriend's vervaine-laced coffee, and has been feeding on them and compelling them to forget. Stefan takes Damon's daylight ring and locks him away, telling him that he can't be trusted. Stefan was hoping that this time would be different, but it seems that whenever Damon shows up to make amends, he ends up ruining Stefan's life. In grief and anger, Damon manages to get free and kill the people in the boarding house. He gets his ring back from Stefan, and he then kills the pregnant girlfriend. Stefan compels Zach to forget about the girlfriend and the baby, and then he clears out, only to return 15 years later (where the show starts in Season One).

Back in 1994-Hell, Kai reveals that he has a special object that will help them get home, with the help of Bonnie's magic. It all has to do with harnessing the power of the eclipse. Based on a few things that Kai lets slip about his own past, and a newspaper article, Bonnie discovers that Kai has murdered his entire family. He tells them that he's a witch, sort of. He has the ability to suck people's powers away from them. Bonnie doesn't want to do the spell to get them out of there, because it will mean bringing Kai, a psychotic killer, along for the ride. Damon wants to go back anyway, because of course he wants to get back to Elena and Stefan. Kai says he'll take all of the magic out of Bonnie and kill her, unless they help him to get home.