Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Parks and Recreation: Save JJ's (7x06)

Okay. Following the whole deal about data mining in the last episode, Gryzzl is determined to push ahead and buy the Newport land. They increase their bid. Leslie and the others had a plan to try and get Gryzzl to buy half the land and donate the rest, but they are too late - the Newports accept the $125 million offer.

Leslie and the others all go to JJ's Diner to commiserate over the loss of their goal. Turns out, JJ's is closing down. The lease on the location was purchased by Dennis Feinstein. Andy, posing as Johnathan Karate (Johnny Karate's serious older brother), tries to talk to Dennis about the deal, while Leslie, Ron, etc. host a rally to try and save JJ's. All is for naught, however. Dennis is determined to tear JJ's down.

The next idea is to move JJ's to a new location - in the old, rundown part of Pawnee where Andy and April are moving. The owner of JJ's says that it will never work to have his restaurant in this area, because there is no real commercial activity and he wouldn't be able to sustain his business.

Suddenly, all of these different problems coalesce into one single solution. Leslie and the others convince Gryzzl that they should build their new headquarters in this rundown area, because they would save tons of money on buildings and plumbing, etc. That would turn the area into a thriving capitalist spot, which would make it a viable location for JJ's Diner. At the same time, Leslie convinces Gryzzl to donate the Newport land to the National Parks Department, in order to get back public approval in Pawnee, after their bad decisions with data mining.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Parks and Recreation: Gryzzlbox (7x05)

I'm just going to get started.

Leslie and Ben despair of finding any way to beat Gryzzl. They think they've found an answer when they find out that Gryzzl has been "data mining," aka looking through their personal information. People all over Pawnee start getting personalized "Gryzzlboxes" sent to their doors with presents meant especially for them. Donna is horrified to find out what Gryzzl has been up to, so she abandons their side of the debate and joins Leslie and Ben. Ron, however, says that he doesn't care what Gryzzl gets up to, because he does not mess in the affairs of private corporations, he just builds their buildings.

Leslie and Ben try to get proof about Gryzzl's data mining, but they find out that it's actually legal - Ben signed a contract with a loophole in it that allows Gryzzl to data mine, as they provide free wifi for the town. Uh oh! Leslie holds a town meeting, and learns to her surprise that the rest of the town is on her side. They are also angry at Gryzzl for the invasion of privacy. Leslie decides to go on TV to expose Gryzzl's bad behavior. In the end, Ron joins Leslie in wanting to bring Gryzzl down, because his son gets a Gryzzlbox, and Ron is horrified to discover that they know things about his child.

Meanwhile, Tom is upset because Lucy is off visiting her boyfriend. He decides to take on a new project - namely, becoming Andy's agent. He finds out that Andy only gets $100 a week for Johnny Karate, even though he created the show, acts in it, writes all of the stuff, and pretty much just does all the work. Tom wants to renegotiate Andy's contract for him. Andy only really cares about one thing: he wants to own the rights to the Johnny Karate character. At first it looks impossible, but Tom begs and pleads and gets Andy more money, plus the rights to the character. Lucy comes back and tells Tom that she went to visit her boyfriend in order to break up with him.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Vampire Diaries: Woke Up With a Monster (6x11)

There wasn't any Damon and Stefan interaction in this episode, which makes me sad. But overall, the episode was pretty decent, which makes me happy! Let's dive in.

So. Kai has kidnapped Elena and taken her to the Grill. Elena is horrified by Kai's sociopathic behavior. It turns out that Kai wants to practice his magic on Elena to get ready for his merge with Jo. At one point, Kai takes Elena to the school, and performs all sorts of nasty, torturous spells on her. One of these spells has the unfortunate consequence of burning her ring off of her finger, so even if Elena could escape, she'd be without protection from the sun. She does manage to get a call to Damon to tell him that she's been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore house, Jo is getting trained on her magic by Liv, who wants to help her get stronger before the next celestial event. Jo isn't very good though, and Liv worries that it might be hopeless. Luke doesn't even know what Liv is up to - he wants to do his duty and merge, and Liv knows he won't be happy to find her training Jo. Damon needs Liv's help to get Elena out of Kai's grasp, but Liv is worried that Kai will just kill her on sight. The idea is to use a cloaking spell to sneak in. Only one problem - Luke finds out and comes to snatch Liv away before she can help Damon save Elena.

It's Jo to the rescue! Jo says that she can help Damon sneak in. Alaric is hesitant, but Jo is determined. She manages to cloak them and get them into the school. They find Elena, but Jo has a lot more trouble cloaking three people instead of just two, and her magic wears out. Kai attacks! Damon throws a stake at Kai and it hits him, but it turns out that Kai used his magic to perform an illusion, and Damon actually hit Elena instead. Kai has Jo in his grasp and it looks like all is lost, but then Jeremy shows up with his trusty crossbow and takes Kai down. They now have him as their captive once again.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Elementary: The Illustrious Client (3x11)

Oh goodness. Now this is a two-part episode, right? They aren't going to fake me out again like they did with that AI episode, are they? Let's get straight to it.

Basically, Kitty's rapist is in the area, and Joan, Sherlock, and Kitty all desperately want to find this guy and get the whole thing taken care of. Joan was supposed to start her job at the insurance company, but she asks her boss if she can deal with the Kitty situation, so she gets a couple of days off. Sherlock isn't sure if Kitty should be involved in this case, given how personal it is for her, but Kitty insists.

I won't go into too many details, but basically they are able to find the place where this guy is keeping his victims. They rescue several girls, but they find the rapist's partner dead. They manage to track the man, Simon de Merville, to his sister, who says she doesn't know anything. Kitty later goes and confronts this sister, hurting her physically and intimidating her into giving up info. They are therefore able to track Simon to a boat where he has been staying. However, when they get to the boat, somebody has burned it up, and Simon de Merville's body is found inside.

Kitty doesn't think that this man is the one who hurt her, however. Sherlock tries to tell her that he knows how she feels - he's felt denial over his own substance addictions before, but he has now learned to realize that there's never going to be "closure" - it's just a part of his life now. Kitty says that Sherlock doesn't understand - somebody hurt her, while Sherlock hurt himself.

Parenthood: We Made it Through the Night (6x12)

Ohhhh boy. My current prediction for the finale? Sarah and Hank get married, yadda yadda, and then we show a flash-forward to when Zeek has died and we watch them all move on from their grief. That's what I think is going to happen. And it's gonna hurt. But I'm getting ahead of myself - let's look at what happened in this episode.

Hank and Sarah are debating where they should get married. Hank wants to do something outlandish and creative, but Sarah thinks he's taking it too far. Their conversation gets interrupted when Amber feels a sharp pain, and believes she's going into labor. Sarah sends out a text to the family, and everybody rushes to the hospital. It ends up being a false alarm - gas - and so Amber has yet to give birth.

However, the gathering of the family at the hospital does have another consequence: Kristina and Jasmine get into a huge fight about the Luncheonette. When Crosby finds out that Jasmine went and talked to Adam about it, and that that's why Adam wanted to come back, Crosby angrily says that he quits. It looks like the Luncheonette will not be reopening after all. Crosby is a little angry at Jasmine for talking to Adam about things, and he says that the Luncheonette isn't special to him anymore because he can't work there with his brother as his willing and enthusiastic partner.

Chamber's Academy is having a career week, where every student gets an adviser to help them explore a passion that could turn into a career. Max is obviously working with Hank, while one of the other students wants to have Adam as his adviser. This kid wants to be a French chef! Although Adam is hesitant, because he's no expert, the two of them do manage to make a great souffle together, and all is well! Jasmine teaches some of the kids dance, and Kristina and Jasmine share a silent moment of apology for their earlier fight.

The Mentalist: The Whites of His Eyes (7x08)

Okay! Things are getting interesting here! I can't believe we only have five episodes left... I'm gonna cry like a baby when this show ends. Let's just jump right in.

A high-profile witness is murdered just days before he was set to testify against a murderer. There is one other witness who could testify, but she's a recent mother, and she and her husband are really nervous that she's going to be killed as well. Spackman, an old colleague/enemy of Jane and Lisbon, asks Abbott and his FBI team to help protect the other witness.

Along the way, they investigate the family of the suspect - a man who beat someone to death over a small altercation in a bar. The family has gang connections, and it looks like they're the ones who hired the hit man to kill the first witness, and now they're targeting the other witness.

They come up with a plan to preemptively get the assassin by switching out the witness with someone else as they escort her out of the hotel. It turns into a creepy in-the-dark race to find the assassin before he kills the witness and the rest of the team. Jane, who has been extremely worried about somebody getting hurt, purposefully tells Libson that the assassin might be in one part of the building, to get her out of the way.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Supernatural: The Hunter Games (10x10)

Okay. We're back from hiatus, and we're jumping right in with the big guns. Let's get going.

Rowena puts some sort of a hex bag under Crowley's chair, which causes him to have nightmares that his loyal servant, Gothrey, and other demons, kill him. Rowena, on the surface, seems to want to repair her relationship with her son, but it would seem that ulterior motives are at play.

Meanwhile, Sam, Dean, and Cas all want to find a way to get rid of the Mark of Cain once and for all. Cas has an idea, but he knows it's risky... they can go to Metatron for help. Cas gets one of the angels to help him spring Metatron free - temporarily - from his Heavenly prison. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean demand that Metatron tell them how to get rid of the Mark of Cain. Metatron seems to have a soft spot for the Winchesters, so he tells them that they'll need the First Blade before they can do anything else.

Dean calls Crowley, and the Winchesters meet up with him. Crowley is resistant to the idea of getting the First Blade, but Dean assures him that he can hold on to it for the time being, just until Dean knows how to get rid of the Mark. Rowena, using some of her witchy powers, manages to see this conversation, even though she is nowhere around. She sends Gothrey to go fetch the First Blade from where it's hiding with Crowley's bones - she convinces him that this is on Crowley's orders.