Friday, May 22, 2015

Supernatural: Brother's Keeper (10x23)

I'm really disappointed, actually. That wan't very good at all. That was just... ugh. I have a lot of complaints. But let's start first with the plot. God, I'm so annoyed. Grr.

Dean is working a case with Rudy, another hunter, but then Dean tells Rudy to get lost and that he'll handle it himself. Rudy calls Sam and tells him where Dean is, since he can tell something is terribly wrong with him. Dean finds a vampire's nest, and allows Rudy to get stabbed and killed before he take out the vampires, killing them ruthlessly. He goes back to his hotel room and has a meltdown, destroying the whole room. Then, he leaves a note that says "she's all yours" with the keys to the impala for Sam to find, and he takes off.

Sam leaves Cas with Rowena, telling him to please find a way to enact the spell that will remove the Mark of Cain. He tracks Dean to the hotel room, finds the destruction and the note, and then... he gets a call from Dean. Dean has summoned Death, and Death has offered to remove him from Earth to protect everybody from the Mark of Cain. He can't kill Dean, and he can't take the Mark off of Dean unless Dean passes it to somebody else. Since Dean is unwilling to do that, he'll have to continue, immortal, with the Mark for the rest of eternity. Turns out, if the Mark is not tethered to a person, it releases something called the Darkness, which existed before the world was created. God created a Mark to tether the Darkness, and he gave it to Lucifer. Lucifer then gave it to Cain, who gave it to Dean. Dean calls Sam and tells him where he is. It's time to say goodbye.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outlander: Wentworth Prison (1x15)

So, if you're on the fence about this episode, and you're not sure if you can stomach it, find somebody who's already seen it and they'll tell you what's what. It's... yeah. There are certain parts where I had to look away, watch through my fingers, or even pause altogether and take a break to watch something light and fluffy on Netflix. It's an intense episode, and even as somebody who can handle a lot of dark content, I was feeling pretty queasy by the end of it. Let's start with a plot summary.

Jamie is standing in the courtyard of Wentworth Prison, waiting to hear his name called out to be hanged. McQuarrie is with him, and Jamie is forced to watch as he dies. However, just as Jamie has the rope put around his own neck, Jack Randall shows up and saves him from the noose. Jack brings Jamie down to a dungeon cellar. Jack wants Jamie to admit defeat and surrender to him. If he does that, Jack promises to let Jamie die in the manner of his own choosing. Jamie refuses to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Claire poses as a distant relation of Jamie's, hoping to be allowed to see him. This doesn't work, and Claire is given a box of Jamie's personal effects to pass along to the family. Murtagh and Claire despair, but some of the other MacKenzie men manage to find out information about the prison's schedule. They do so by drinking and gambling with some of the British guards. Claire goes back into the prison, lying and saying that she was given permission to retrieve a letter from Jamie. Murtagh knocks out a nosy guard, and Claire sneaks through the prison. She unlocks a backdoor that can serve as an escape later on, and then tries to find Jamie.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Vampire Diaries: I'm Thinking of You All the While (6x22)

Okay so this actually made me cry real tears. But despite that significant accomplishment, I still feel like there were a couple of things that didn't quite work. Let's go over this emotionally devastating finale, as we say a tearful goodbye to Nina Dobrev!

In the aftermath of Kai's attack on the wedding, we see that Jo has died, and many people are injured. Elena has been knocked out, and Damon can't get her to wake up. He rushes her to the hospital. Kai stabs himself in the neck, killing himself and thus killing all of the other Gemini Coven members. Liv is dying because of this. Tyler has a huge piece of glass embedded in his torso, and it looks like he won't make it either. Liv convinces Tyler to smother her, killing her and triggering his werewolf curse. It's a full moon, so the transformation will cure Tyler. Tyler, tears in his eyes, does it. He manages to get a message to Matt that he's a werewolf now, so all the vampires need to stay away from him for his own safety.

Meanwhile, Lily is looking for her friends - Kai promised that they would be brought back. She tells Enzo that she gave Kai her blood in exchange for the rescue of her friends. This means... Kai is a vampire and a witch! He shows up just as Alaric is putting Jo's body into his car for transport. Kai gets ready to attack Alaric, when Tyler shows up and bites Kai!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Elementary: A Controlled Descent (3x24)

It's been pretty obvious from day one of this show that we would eventually reach this point... but even so, it hurt very badly. Let's take a look.

Oscar Rankin is back, and he wants Sherlock's help. His sister, who is also an addict, has gone missing, and he wants Sherlock to find her. How does he get Sherlock to help? By kidnapping Alfredo. He has him tied up somewhere, and won't tell Sherlock where unless Sherlock helps him. While Joan, Gregson and Bell try to track down Alfredo by following clues from the crime scene, Sherlock follows Oscar on his quest to find his sister.

Eventually, Sherlock does find the missing Olivia Rankin. She's already dead, and based on footprints near her body in an abandoned tunnel, Sherlock realizes that Oscar already knew she was dead. His real motivation, Oscar finally admits, was to drag Sherlock down with him. He wanted Sherlock to succumb to his drug addiction and join the lowest of the low once again. He offers Sherlock a box, with heroin inside. He threatens that he'll never tell anybody where Alfredo is, unless Sherlock gives in.

Meanwhile, Joan and the others do manage to find Alfredo. Joan texts Sherlock to tell him that Alfredo is okay, and once Sherlock reads that text, he snaps. He attacks Oscar, brutally beating him. He then takes the drugs, and walks into the tunnel.

Grey's Anatomy: You're My Home (11x24)

Huh. That didn't really feel like a finale. It was so... gentle. And sweet. Still, I really enjoyed it! Let's go over what happened.

The patient who was trapped in the car will live to see another day - and his wife and child both made it too! It's a tricky task, saving him, as they need to transport him from the car to the OR in less than five minutes, or he'll bleed out. They manage it, as Stephanie gets the interns to help her clear a path from outside to the OR. Stephanie is having trouble with her interns, since she's angry at them for almost killing a patient the week before. Bailey reminds her that the interns are her ducklings, and she needs to be a good teacher for them. Stephanie steps up her game.

April and Jackson talk about their future - April wants to go back to war, because she feels like it's her calling. Jackson says she should go if that's what she wants, but that he can't be there waiting for her when she gets back. It's too hard for him to handle the separation. April is devastated by the ultimatum, as she contemplates losing her husband.

Alex tells Jo that Meredith asked if she and the kids could move into the house. He asks her what she thinks, but Jo knows that she doesn't really have a say - Alex can't say no to Meredith. Alex explains that Meredith is his best friend, but he wants to be putting down roots here with Jo. Jo isn't sure what to do at first, but ultimately she decides that she and Alex should get their own place - she takes Alex to a loft that they could buy and start their lives in. Then, Alex could sell the house back to Meredith, and everybody will be happy.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Modern Family: Crying Out Loud (6x23)

This was a really enjoyable, surprisingly emotional episode of Modern Family. The plot threads were all separate, but they all tied together to create a common theme - sometimes even in a close, loving family, it's hard to express how you're really feeling, and it's hard to understand how your relationships with your family members will change when people begin to move on to the next stage of their lives. Let's take each plot thread on its own.

Claire is offered a job to work for a hotel chain. She doesn't want to take it, but she tells Jay about it, hoping that he'll tell her to stay. Instead, he seems totally dismissive, and tells her to take the job. Claire does, but then she believes that Jay is secretly upset, so she says no. Then she finds out that Jay isn't upset, and tries to take the job again. Jay finally admits that he didn't tell Claire how he felt about the job offer because he didn't want to influence her decision - the truth is, he really doesn't want her to go. Jay is not satisfied with Claire's emotionless response to this declaration, so he stages a confrontation with the man who wanted to hire Claire, announcing that he wants to keep working with his daughter. Claire tears up. Turns out, the guy Jay was talking to was just a friend, not the man Claire had been speaking to on the phone all this time.

I really liked this plot thread. We're not exactly covering new territory here - Jay often has trouble accessing his emotions, and his children are starved for his attention. But there was a lot of humor and a lot of sincerity here, and that made it wonderful. I loved the fact that Jay held back from telling Claire what he thought because he knew it had to be her decision. I also liked that Jay wasn't satisfied with Claire's reaction, so he tricked her into showing more emotion. It's a dysfunctional relationship, but it seems to work for them!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Supernatural: The Prisoner (10x22)

Um. Ouch? I'm ready to cry like a baby during next week's finale, to be honest. I just want to find Sam Winchester and hug him for like ten hours. And then Cas. And then Dean, although I feel like that would be a good way to get myself killed. I still haven't forgiven the creative team for killing off Charlie, but I'm going to try and take a look at this episode without dissolving into another rant on that topic. Let's start with the plot.

Sam and Dean burn Charlie's body. Dean blames Sam for what happened, and says he's going to go after whoever did this and then kill everybody they ever loved. Sam is worried that this is the Mark talking, but Dean walks away, intent on revenge. Sam tells Cas what happened, and that he promised Dean he would shut down their attempts to read the Book of the Damned. Just as they're about ready to give up, Sam gets the email from Charlie, with her notes from the codex. Rowena confirms that with this new information, she should be able to read the Book of the Damned. Sam is torn, but ultimately he decides he has to do whatever it takes to cure Dean. He sends Cas after Dean, to make sure that he doesn't go too far off the rails.

Rowena tells Sam that she won't read the Book until Sam holds up his end of the bargain and kills Crowley. Sam lures Crowley to him by faking a phone call from Dean. He shoots Crowley with a devil's trap bullet, and then uses a hex bag that Rowena gave him to kill Crowley. Crowley takes a while to die, and Sam uses that time to tell him that no matter what everybody else may think, Sam still remembers that he's a villain. Crowley, who has lately tried to redeem himself by making Hell less... Hellish, finally remembers who he really is. He's able to set the hex bag on fire, proving himself stronger than his mother's magic. He spares Sam's life, telling him to go deliver a message to Rowena: he'll be coming for her, and there's no stopping him. Sam calls Rowena, who tells Sam to find another way to kill Crowley.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: S.O.S. Part 1/Part 2 (2x21/22)

Okay. So... that was a blood bath, and I am not even a little bit okay. Let's just... go over what happened, shall we?

It looks like a war is about to break out between the Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D. Jiaying has planned things well, sending some of her men to steal one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Quinjets and have it fire on Afterlife, to make it look like S.H.I.E.L.D. is attacking. Skye is very confused by this. When May shows up to demand to talk to Gonzales, Skye yells at her and fights her, ultimately using her powers to knock May out. S.H.I.E.L.D. extracts itself from Afterlife and runs off to plan its next move, while many of Afterlife's members also flee. Skye talks to Jiaying, who heals very quickly from her self-inflicted bullet wound. It turns out that Jiaying's eternal youth and healing comes from sucking the life force out of others. Creepy, huh? Skye doesn't know this, though, and it looks like Jiaying is convincing her that S.H.I.E.L.D. is bad news.

Skye talks to Raina, who says that it's her destiny to help Skye be the true leader of the Inhumans. Later, Raina and Jiaying have a meeting. Raina tells Jiaying that it's her destiny to tell the future and save the day. Jiaying can't risk Raina revealing her whole plan, so she slits Raina's throat. Turns out, though, Raina knew that was going to happen. It was all a setup - Skye saw the whole thing, and finally realizes that her mother is behind this whole mess. Jiaying tries to reason with her, but ultimately Jiaying is forced to lock Skye up.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Castle: Hollander's Woods (7x23)

This episode was a bit strange, because it had to serve as a potential series finale, as well as just a season finale. We know now that there will be a Season Eight, but it wasn't guaranteed for a long time, so I guess when this episode was first written and conceived of, they had to make it work as a wrap-up.

Castle and Beckett work on a case that hits close to home for Castle. Thirty years ago, when Castle was just a kid, he encountered a masked man in the woods. This man had just killed a woman, and Castle had seen the body. The masked man threatened him, and by the time Castle called the police, the body had been moved. It was never found. Years passed, and Castle started to wonder if he'd just imagined the whole thing. But now, it looks like the mysterious masked killer has struck again.

Castle's obsession with this figure runs deep - it was because of this first unsolved mystery that Castle wanted to become a mystery writer. They find a suspect pretty quickly, and it looks like the case is wrapped up. But then Castle hears a man's voice, and flashes back to the man in Hollander's Woods all those years ago. He knows he's found the real killer. Esposito, Ryan, and Beckett are all a little skeptical, since the suspect they have in custody seems just right for the crime. However, Beckett agrees to support Castle.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Once Upon a Time: Operation Mongoose Part 1/Part 2 (4x22/23)

Ahhh!! Okay this plot summary is going to take forever, so let's just dive right in. Eeeeek this was an awesome finale.

First, we learn the Author's origin story. He was a TV salesman who wanted to be a writer. One day, he got a letter to meet up with a publisher - the publisher ended up being the Apprentice. Isaac becomes the next Author by choosing the correct pen, and the Apprentice makes a magic doorway appear. Isaac begins his life as a man who tells stories.

Then, we've got Storybrooke - all our heroes (Emma, Hook, Henry, Regina, Robin, Mary Margaret, and David) are trying to figure out how to stop Isaac and Rumple from writing the villains their happy endings. August shows up. He knows who can help them - the Apprentice. He has a picture of the Apprentice, and Hook recognizes him as one of the people he trapped when he was forced to work for Rumple. With Blue's help, the rescue the Apprentice, who tells them they need to find the original Storybook, and trap Isaac back in its pages. Henry goes with Hook, Mary Margaret, and David to go look for the book, while Emma goes with Regina and the Apprentice to Gold's shop.

In the shop, Isaac is writing the story. He finishes up the last details in time to save Rumple, who is close to death because of his blackened heart. Isaac pens the words "The End," and everything changes.