Friday, December 19, 2014

Elementary: The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction (3x07)

Okay! Another good one! Lots of Kitty character development! And Joan character development! And nutmeg. So, all in all, good stuff!

Joan is asked to investigate the disappearance of a girl that happened five years ago. Sherlock gets involved when he's interested by a strange detail in the case: at the scene of this woman's disappearance, people noted the smell of nutmeg. This same smell has connected several crimes over the years. Joan, Kitty, and Sherlock go to talk to the man in charge of the case, and Sherlock quickly deduces from the man's files that the "olfactory signature" is not from the murderer, but rather from someone who is called in to help clean up after crimes. Long story short, it was a man who used to work for the police to clean up crime scenes. He went rogue. They catch the culprit and all is well.

Meanwhile, we learn that Kitty used to play clarinet at an expert level. At the end of the episode, Sherlock praises her progress with her detective work, since she was the one who found a key clue to help them solve the case. As a reward, Sherlock tells her that she can play her music as loud as she wants instead of shutting it down. Kitty decides to put in some classical music, apparently reminiscing about her past.

Joan meets up with an old boyfriend who wants her help as a detective because his medical ID badge was stolen. Joan asks Kitty to take care of it, which she does, quickly. All of this makes Sherlock notice that maybe Joan isn't that happy in her current relationship with Andrew. It's true - Joan is getting frustrated because she and Andrew are basically in a long-term relationship for the time being. Sherlock notes that maybe Joan doesn't really want a normal relationship, and that she might be happier with some other arrangement wherein she only has casual sex or is free to pursue other partners. As Joan prepares a fancy dinner for her and Andrew, she laments that maybe Sherlock has a point.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Big Bang Theory: The Clean Room Infiltration (8x11)

An okay episode. Nothing too special going on here, though. There were a couple of setups that could have been capitalized on a bit better. But let's just talk about the story.

Raj tells everybody that he will be unable to host Christmas dinner because his father is coming into town. Amy volunteers to host instead, saying that she wants to throw a Victorian Christmas, with traditional games. At the party, Penny and the elder Dr. Koothrappali are bored by Amy's strange games, as they wait for the others to arrive.

Bernadette is giving Sheldon a ride to the party. He laments that he is being forced to celebrate the holiday. He wants to do something to punish Amy the way he feel he's being punished. His solution? Buy Amy a present. Since the two of them have agreed not to exchange gifts, any present from Sheldon will make Amy feel guilty and ashamed. Then, maybe they'll never have to celebrate Christmas again! Sheldon gets Amy a thoughtful present - a picture of him sitting on Santa's lap at the mall.

At Amy's party, Sheldon gives Amy the gift, which she loves. Turns out, she has a present for him as well - a box of Christmas cookies made from his gradmother's recipe. Sheldon grudgingly admits that maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Vampire Diaries: Christmas Through Your Eyes (6x10)

Nice! What a way to go out before the break! Lots of intrigue, lots of action, lots of angst. And a Damon/Stefan hug! I'm happy.

Kai wants to merge with Jo and become all powerful, and Tyler wants to help him. If Kai merges with Jo, that will protect Liv and Luke from having to do it. Liv is all for going through with the plan, but Luke has mixed feelings, because if Kai wins, he'll be all-powerful and he will hurt innocent people. Kai actually needs the help of the twins to find the dagger with Jo's magic in it, since he has no magic of his own to do a locator spell. Kai kidnaps Jo out of the hospital, and then manages to find the knife, which Damon had hidden away. So, Kai now has Jo, Liv, and Luke at his mercy and he is ready to get this party started.

Damon has a plan - let's go find Kai, and kill him! He and Alaric go to find Kai. Alaric is still pissed at Damon obviously, but he's willing to help him. The two of them manage to trap Kai, but before Alaric can kill him, Jo tells them not to. If Kai is dead, it will force Liv and Luke into the merge, and Jo realizes that it's not fair. She thinks she can defeat Kai, if she just has a bit more time to gather her strength. However, Kai has other plans. He has been chained up by Damon, but he starts to suck the magical energy out of the land. There's lots of magic in Mystic Falls, due to the spell cast by the Travelers that's keeping everybody magical out of Mystic Falls. Kai becomes all powered-up, and breaks free. He throws Alaric around a bit, and then vanishes. However, there is one good piece of news here - the whole magic-less dome thing is over with! All the vampires can go back home now!

While all of this has been going on, we've been getting flashbacks to earlier Christmases, where Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline are all fresh-faced, human, and have living parents. Oh, the good ol' days. In their junior year, Caroline apparently got picked by Stefan for Secret Santa, and he bought her a snow globe key-chain (lammmeee). In the present day, Liz Forbes comes to help Caroline decorate her dorm room (does anybody else get annoyed by Caroline's unrealistically large dorm? I'm a college student. I know that's crap.) In any case, Caroline is happy to see her mom, since she can't exactly go home for Christmas without dying. Then, Stefan shows up to help decorate. It seems that Liz is trying to help mend some fences. However, Caroline doesn't have very long to stay angry at Stefan, since suddenly Liz collapses!

Modern Family: Haley's 21st Birthday (6x10)

Cute for the most part. A little weird in a few places. Let's jump in.

It's Haley's 21st birthday, so she goes out to a bar with Claire, Gloria, Cam and Mitch. Claire is committed to having a more adult relationship with her daughter, which eventually leads to the two of them talking about boys and sex and all sorts of stuff like that. Gloria, to Claire's annoyance, continues to egg things on, until Haley announces that she wants to get a tattoo, and Gloria suggests that she and Claire get matching tattoos. Claire decides to go for it, to have this special connection with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch think that a group of girls at a bachelorette party are going to glom onto them all night because they're gay. Instead, a younger gay couple get accosted by the women. Cam and Mitch are insulted to find that they are considered too old to be the fun gay guys. They decide they'll get tattoos too, so they can be cool.

At the tattoo parlor, Claire gets the word "mother" in Sanskrit. However, at this point Haley decides to back out. She's afraid of something so permanent. Cam and Mitch also decide getting a tattoo is a bit desperate, so they back out as well. Claire is obviously pretty pissed off.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What They Become (2x10)

What. The. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


Nope I do not like this. Take me back. Make it stop. Let's just... ugh. Let's just do the plot. I am upset.

This entire episode was non-stop go-go-go.

As HYDRA tries to shoot the Bus out of the air, May uses evasive tactics to escape, and then goes to meet up with Coulson and the rest of the team to formulate a plan to get Skye out.

Meanwhile, Ward brings Raina and Skye to San Juan, and takes Skye to meet her father. Turns out, his name is Cal. He tells her the story of what Whitehall did to her mother. He also tells her that her own name is Daisy. Whitehall himself is there at the HYDRA base in San Juan to oversee the plans to reach the city. Whitehall makes Skye pick up the Obelisk, which Skye does successfully. Whitehall is excited to see if Skye is as "special" as her mother. Cal is furious. Whitehall has Cal, Ward, and Skye all tied up to keep them out of the way for the time being.

Cal manages to escape from his bonds, leaving Ward and Skye behind while he goes after Whitehall. However, Coulson and the team show up at this point, ready with their plan to extract Skye, and to seal off the entrance to the underground city. Coulson shoots Whitehall, killing him. Cal is furious because he wanted revenge against Whitehall. He tries to kill Coulson. Ward, meanwhile, gets free and also sets Skye loose, thinking to get her to safety. Skye takes advantage of Ward's trust in her and shoots him several times, running off. Skye shows up and sees Cal beating up Coulson. She threatens to shoot her father if he doesn't leave Coulson. Cal runs off, promising that Skye will someday see how special she is. Skye is devastated that she couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger and kill Cal. She runs off to fix the situation, with Coulson, injured, calling after her.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Supernatural: The Things We Left Behind (10x09)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... eh. I wasn't really a fan. I mean, it wasn't bad. But it wasn't... it wasn't mid-season finale-ish. I felt sort of disappointed in the end. Let's go ahead and talk about what happened.

So. Cas decides to go find Claire Novak, because he feels guilty for taking her father away from her. He tracks her to Pontiac, Illinois, where he finds her in a group home. Claire is apparently quite the troublemaker. Cas talks to her, telling her that sadly her father is dead, but that he wants to help her in any way he can. Claire asks Cas to pretend to be her father and get her out of the group home. Cas tries, but the woman running the home doesn't let it happen. She says that Cas is looking to be Claire's friend, when Claire needs a father.

Cas is still determined to help Claire, so he helps her to escape. The two go out for food at a diner, but Claire manages to steal Cas' wallet and she runs off. Cas calls in the Winchesters to help him track her down, since he believes she is his responsibility.

It turns out, Claire lives with a father-figure-type person, Randy, who uses her and one other troubled teen to help him steal money. Randy is in trouble with a loan shark, and he needs big bucks, fast. Claire is sent to rob a convenience store. However, Cas and the boys track down the other kid who lives with Randy, and he spills the beans about what Claire is up to. Cas stops her before she can commit the crime. She is angry - she thinks of Cas as the monster who killed her father, and the Winchesters were just the jerks who stood by and let it happen.

Claire runs home to Randy. The loan sharks are there. They offer to let Randy off the hook for his debts, if he'll only turn over Claire. Randy does so, selling Claire to these evil men. Luckily, Cas is able to rescue her before she is raped. However, Dean's Mark of Cain is triggered by this terrible group of potential rapists. He slaughters them all brutally. Cas, Sam, and Claire, who had all been out in the car, come rushing back in to see the carnage. Sam desperately asks Dean to tell him that it was self defense, but Dean, in a bit of a daze, can't deny what really happened. The episode ends.

Castle: Bad Santa (7x10)

Oh noooo! I wasn't expecting that. This is going to be interesting. Let's start with a plot summary.

A man is killed by someone in a Santa costume, which is an odd way of starting things off. Very quickly, the victim is identified as a doctor who worked (in secret) for a mob family. Castle actually knows Dino Scarpella, the Don, because the man helped him write his novels. So, Castle goes to talk to Dino about the murder, thinking that he can help them solve it.

Very quickly, it looks like Dino's right hand man is the guilty party, but Dino is convinced that this is not the case. He makes Castle swear a blood oath that he will track down the real killer. Castle investigates further, and for a while it looks like it might be Dino's daughter who did the killing. Dino is furious at Castle for accusing his daughter, and he nearly kills Castle on the spot. However, the daughter comes forward and tells the truth: she didn't kill the man, but she was there at the scene of another murder, that of her boyfriend. This boyfriend, it transpires, is in a rival mob. The two of them were in love, and planning on running away together.

Eventually, after a few more twists and turns, the real murderer is apprehended - it was another detective, who had been investigating mob activity for so long that he wanted in on the action. Shocking! Unfortunately for Castle, his connection to the mob and his cooperation with them means that the NYPD is nervous about him. Captain Gates sadly tells Castle that he is no longer allowed to work at the NYPD.