Sunday, March 29, 2015

Supernatural: Paint it Black (10x16)

Another filler episode, but I actually thought a lot of it worked quite well.

Sam and Dean are on the case after three people commit suicide by gutting themselves. Dean meets a nun, Sister Mathias, at the church who tells him that all three of the victims had recently been to confession. Sam and Dean aren't sure what's going on, so Dean decides to go to confession to see if there's a curse or a ghost or something else like that. In his confession, Dean starts by just talking about his exploits with the ladies, but then after some prodding he admits that he doesn't want to die. He wants to experience things in a new way, and maybe feel a deeper connection with someone.

Throughout the episode, a nun working at the church talks with another nun, a woman named Isabella who has a terrible story. She was in love with a great artist in Italy, but the artist did not love her back. As she saw him with another man, she decided to kill him. It is revealed later on that this woman is actually a ghost from the 1500s. Sister Mathias comes clean to Sam and Dean that she knew about the ghost. She says she didn't know that Isabella was hurting anybody, because a lot of ghosts end up hanging out around the church for a while. Mostly they are harmless.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Love in the Time of Hydra (2x14)

Okay! Let's jump right in to the plot on this one.

May's ex-husband Garner recommends that Skye be taken off active duty. Coulson is hesitant to do this, but he does - he takes Skye out to a safe-house in the woods, where she will be safe, and others will be safe from her. Coulson reveals to May that he feels uncomfortable with the way this is all being handled. Fitz and Simmons also have their own conversations about all of this. Simmons gave Coulson something to calm Skye down and make her powers less strong. Simmons says she wants to help get Skye back to normal, but Fitz points out that Skye has changed, probably for good. He accuses Simmons of handling change poorly, with both Skye and with himself. He says that Simmons is the one who has changed the most.

Meanwhile, we finally catch up with Ward and Agent 33. The two of them have decided to take charge of their own lives for once. They hunt down the man who invented the face mask thing that allowed Agent 33 to take on May's appearance. He fixes the mask for Agent 33, which will allow her to take on any appearances she chooses, including her own appearance (although she'll still have her scarring). Using Agent 33's newly fixed mask, Ward and Agent 33 infiltrate Talbot's office. Agent 33 looks like Talbot's wife. Even after Talbot figures out that there's a spy in his midst, he's unable to find the culprit. Agent 33 and Ward break Bakshi out. Bakshi reveals Agent 33's true name to her: Kara. Then, Ward and Kara brainwash Bakshi to use him for their own purposes.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Castle: At Close Range (7x18)

Damn. That was intense! I'm going to be brief in my plot summary; sorry.

Ryan is working security with his brother-in-law as a second job. They are protecting an important politician when suddenly the politician and his friend get shot. He lives, she dies. Ryan feels personally responsible, despite everybody assuring him that he couldn't have stopped it. As the investigation goes on, they slowly realize that the politician wasn't the true target. Their initial suspect is not guilty of the crime.

Instead, the social worker is the target. They think it might be the politician's wife, because the politician and social worker were having an affair, but she has an alibi. Then, they find out that Ryan's brother-in-law is somehow involved. When the guy runs off, things aren't looking good. Ryan tracks him down and brings him in. He wasn't the shooter, but he was involved after all. He got caught up with some bad people and he had no way out. Ryan agrees to help his brother-in-law to get out of this mess.

Once Upon a Time: Poor Unfortunate Soul (4x16)

Great stuff. One of the best episodes we've had in a long time. It also had a lot of minute detail and plot elements, so I'll try to get everything down in the plot summary.

In the past, we see Hook on the Jolly Roger with his men. Their ship nearly hits rocks and goes down, due to the deadly sound of mermaid song. Poseidon, the King of the Seas, chastises his daughter Ursula for letting the ship go. Ursula says that she wants to make people happy with her singing, like her mother used to do. Turns out, Ursula's mother was killed by a pirate, and now Poseidon only lets Ursula sing to lure sailors to their deaths. Ursula does not want to live under her father's tyranny any longer, so she steals something that will allow her to walk on land. In a bar, Hook hears her singing and recognizes the voice. He buys her a drink to thank her for sparing his ship. She reveals her story to Hook, and Hook offers her passage to wherever she'd like to go, as a thank you.

Poseidon shows up and tells Hook to take Ursula's singing voice away with a magic shell. That way, he won't lose his daughter. In exchange, Poseidon offers to give Hook a vial of squid ink, which can help him to defeat Rumplestiltskin. Hook tells Ursula what Poseidon offered him. He has another plan, though. He wants Ursula to steal the squid ink from her father, and then he'll take her wherever she wants to go. The plan goes off without a hitch, until Poseidon shows up. He takes the squid ink back and casts it into the ocean. Hook, enraged at his lots opportunity for revenge, takes Ursula's singing voice from her, so that Poseidon can never use it again. Ursula now hates her father but also hates Hook and all men. She decides to cast magic on herself to make her more powerful even than her father. She thus becomes Ursula the Sea Witch.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Walking Dead: Try (5x15)

Rick. What the Hell, dude. Why do you do the things that you do? Why. WHY. Ugh. Let's just go through what happened and then I'll rant about it.

This episode is a messy collection of smaller plots, as we see how many of our characters are getting more and more embroiled in their own issues and problems. Deanna is mourning the death of her son, and she is unsure about what really happened. Nicholas tells his version of the story to Deanna, making it seem like he wasn't at fault. Glenn tells the truth to Rick.

Sasha leaves Alexandria to go out hunting for Walkers. Michonne and Rosita follow her and save her from being killed, but she is not grateful. She just wants to be left alone. Daryl and Aaron are still out looking for recruits. They find a bunch of severed limbs, and a woman tied up and devoured by Walkers. There's a "W" on her forehead. Carl follows Enid, and the two bond over being outsiders. They share a moment of romantic tension while hiding from some Walkers. Glenn talks to Nicholas about what happened with Noah, telling him that he is never to leave the walls again. Nicholas retrieves the gun that Rick had earlier stashed, preparing to defend himself from Glenn if necessary.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Vampire Diaries: A Bird in a Gilded Cage (6x17)

Stefan and Caroline sans-humanity. The best thing ever. Definitely lived up to my expectations. And that's only one of the fantastic things going on here. Let's start with a plot summary.

So. Stefan is without his humanity, and Damon is on a mission to bring him back from the ledge. Then, Stefan can bring Caroline back, and everybody can be back to normal. How do we trigger Stefan's humanity? By going into the 1903 Prison World and fetching Mother Salvatore, of course. They need Kai and Bonnie both to help get into the Prison World. Bonnie reluctantly agrees to hand over her Bennett blood, but Kai says he'll only help cross over if Bonnie agrees to come with. Elena wants to tag along as well, determined to meet the mother of her two great loves. In 1903 land, Bonnie and Kai go off to find the 1903 Ascendant so they can get back, while Damon and Elena go to track down Lily Salvatore.

In the Salvatore mansion, they find her. She is happy to see Damon, and she agrees to help restore Stefan's humanity. But, she wants to bring her friends with her. Turns out, there's a whole group of vampires stuck in this Prison World. They are all shriveled up, due to the lack of blood in this human-less world. Lily is the only one still able to move around, because the others sacrificed the scant amount of blood still existing in order to let Lily have a chance.

Grey's Anatomy: Don't Dream It's Over (11x16)

Yay! We finally did something with Maggie and Richard! I was waiting for their relationship to become a focal point again. Let's dive in with a plot summary.

The central focus of this episode is a terrible car accident. An elderly man drives into the home of a young couple. The wife is pregnant. The man who caused the accident has Alzheimer's, and thus had no idea what he was doing. This is hard on Richard, who remembers his relationships with Adele and Ellis. When the old man wakes up after his surgery, it seems that he is magically cured of his Alzheimer's. Amelia figures out that it wasn't Alzheimer's at all, but NPH, a rare disorder that can be quite easily fixed. However, when this man learns what he has done, and how he has killed a young woman, he decides to let his memory go again, much to his wife's distress.

Owen and Amelia spend the episode trying to have some alone time in an on-call room, but they are continually interrupted by their phones, as they are needed for various emergencies.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Supernatural: The Things They Carried (10x15)

Yeah... I don't really care about Cole. This episode wasn't terrible, but Cole is boring. And the parallels with the Winchesters are starting to get mind-numbing. This was basically just your standard filler episode. Let's look at the plot.

Dean finds a case - a grizzly murder-suicide in North Carolina. He wants to check it out. Sam is worried about taking a case, but Dean insists that he can handle it. He says that they need to give in to the inevitable - there's no way to fix this Mark of Cain thing. Dean would like to get on with his life for as long as he's still able.

Sam and Dean find out that the guy who killed himself has a friend named Kit who's showing the same symptoms. Then, Cole shows up. Kit is a friend of his from the army. The pieces slowly come together - on a rescue mission in Iraq, Kit and Rick got infected with something that makes them ravenously thirsty. Turns out to be a Khan Worm, the same kind of creature from Season Six's "And Then There Were None."

Sam goes to protect Kit's wife and try to restrain Kit, while Dean stays with Cole, who has been infected. Dean tries electricity to defeat the worm inside of Cole. When that doesn't work they decide to try dehydration. Eventually, at the last moment, the worm escapes from Cole, who is now an inhospitable environment, and Dean kills it. Sam is unable to save Kit, though. As Kit tries to kill his wife, Sam is forced to take him out.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: One of Us (2x13)

Pretty good stuff. Maybe a few weaker elements in here, but this episode managed to have a good mix of a lot of things I'm excited to see. Let's do the plot summary.

Skye is in isolation, trying to deal with her new destructive powers. May recruits her ex-husband, a psychoanalyst named Andrew Garner, to work with Skye. Skye is resistant at first, but she decides to go with it when she realizes she'll be learning about May's past. Skye is on the Index now, part of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s list of people with abilities.

Cal, Skye's father, is going around collecting dangerous people on the Index. He takes his group to Manitowoc, Coulson's hometown, drawing Coulson and Bobbi there. Cal and the other villains take possession of the local school stadium. May, upon hearing that Coulson needs backup, takes the Bus to Manitowoc, with Garner still on board. Skye insists that they use her to help defeat her father. After all, she knows that she's his weakness.

May threatens to kill Skye, trying to entice Cal to stand down. As chaos erupts among the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and the Index members, Gordon (the guy with no eyes) shows up and takes Cal away. Gordon then mocks Cal for his feeble abilities. Back at the stadium, Skye starts to lose control of her powers, causing terrible tremors. She redirects the power inward, causing hairline fractures throughout her body. It looks like Skye's coping mechanism isn't going to work long-term.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Castle: Hong Kong Hustle (7x17)

Eh... I didn't dislike this episode, but I also didn't love it. Let's start with a plot summary.

When a man ends up murdered in a park, Beckett and her team are on the case. They end up crossing paths with another police officer, Chief Inspecter Zhang. This woman is amazing, at the top of her career and with an annoyingly perfect family. Kate starts to feel insecure about her own accomplishments, and wonders if she should be doing more to advance her career.

The case ends up being tied up in the victim's girlfriend's life. Apparently this girl, Suyin, was in debt to the people who had smuggled her into the country. The victim, Henry, was going to rescue Suyin from her servitude, but Suyin's friend Mei Wu killed Henry to prevent him from taking away her only friend. It was a lot more complicated than that, but that was the basic situation.

Mostly, we focus on Beckett's growing insecurity as she works with the incredibly attractive and accomplished Zhang. The case is personal for Zhang, as she and Henry were friends when they were kids. Zhang steps over some lines in the investigation, and Beckett starts to understand that this woman isn't as perfect as she appears. She also reveals that her home life is terrible, because she focuses too much of her energies on her work. This prompts Beckett to think about what she would like to prioritize for her own future.