Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Walking Dead: Strangers (5x02)

I'm just going to jump right in - sound good?

The group walk through the forest, regrouping after their ordeal at Terminus. Carol doesn't feel like talking about what happened before, at the prison and with Lizzie and Mika, but Daryl tells her it's okay to start over. Abraham is anxious to keep moving on towards DC, but Rick hasn't decided yet if they'll all come along.

They then encounter a priest, named Father Gabriel. They save him from being killed by Walkers, but Rick isn't sure what to make of him, especially when he says he's never killed any Walkers, or people. He takes them to his church, where he's been holed up this whole time, surviving on canned goods that had just been collected for a food drive when the disaster began. He tells them that he's recently ran out of food, but that there is one more place nearby with food. It's been overrun by Walkers, though.

Rick tells Carl to keep his guard up, and that he doesn't trust Gabriel. Then, Rick takes Michonne, Bob, and Sasha with him to get the food. He also drags along Gabriel, because he doesn't trust him enough to let him out of his sight. The group manage to get the food, but Bob has a close call with a Walker, only barely being saved by Sasha. Gabriel sees someone he knew when she was alive, which badly rattles him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Once Upon a Time: The Apprentice (4x04)

I should have known they'd find a way to work Mickey Mouse into the story somehow! :) Let's start with a plot summary, and then we'll move on to what I thought.

So, remember that mysterious box thing that Rumple saw in the house where he and Belle honeymooned? Well, turns out it's pretty important. We start with the Apprentice, who is guarding a vault, when the Dark One enters. Not Rumple - a previous Dark One. This Dark One tries to get to a box, being guarded by the Apprentice. Turns out, there are wards around the box to prevent anyone from opening it if he or she has accepted darkness into his or her heart. No Dark One will ever be able to open the box.

We then flash forward to Anna, as she finds Rumplestiltskin. She has come to ask him about her parents. Rumple reveals that Anna and Elsa's parents did indeed come to see him, but he refuses to tell her why they had come, unless she agrees to a deal. Rumple tells her to slip the contents of a vial into the Apprentice's food. Anna goes to the Apprentice, but she can't bring herself to put the vial into the man's food, since of course she believes it's poison, and doesn't wish to harm a nice old man. Anna returns to Rumple and lies, saying that she's completed the task. Rumple then reveals that the vial actually contained an antidote to a poison that the Apprentice had already consumed. Since Anna didn't give the Apprentice the antidote, he turns into a mouse.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Doctor Who: Flatline (8x09)

Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Blah. Plot. Let's start there.

So, as the Doctor is trying to drop Clara off, something weird happens with the TARDIS. It's getting smaller on the outside! The Doctor stays inside while Clara wanders around to investigate. She finds a crew of people cleaning up graffiti, and there meets a member of the crew who is there for community service (he himself does graffiti and he got busted). His name is Rigsy, and he tells Clara about all of the people who have been disappearing lately. When she gets back to the TARDIS, she discovers that it has shrunk even more. The Doctor, still regularly sized inside, can no longer get out of the door.

Clara and Rigsy go to investigate the place where the last disappearance occurred. Clara talks to the Doctor through an earpiece, and with the Doctor's help, Clara and Rigsy try to solve the mystery. When a police officer goes missing on the premises while they're searching, things start to become more clear: creatures from a 2-Dimensional universe are making contact with our universe, and flattening things - and people - as they do so.

At first, the Doctor tries to make contact with them, hoping that they might be reasoned with. Perhaps they don't know that they're hurting people? But it turns out that's not the case. There's this graffiti of people standing with their backs facing away from the world. Rigsy thought it was a memorial for the missing people, but then the people in the graffiti start to turn around. The 2-D universe gets the power to go 3-D, and these people peel themselves off the wall and start chasing our heroes.

The Legend of Korra: The Coronation (4x03)

Okay, so in this installment, we've got a lot of things getting underway. Let's just jump right in.

It's Wu's coronation day in Republic City. He's upset because apparently a lot of the traditional ceremonial jewels and performances won't be possible, due to the problems and the raiding in the Earth Kingdom. Nevertheless, Wu sucks it up and gets ready for his coronation. At said coronation, Kuvira makes a speech declaring that she will continue to lead the Earth Kingdom, and she will crush anyone who stands in her way.

Bolin is a bit uncomfortable with this takeover, but Kuvira reminds him of all they've done for the Earth Kingdom. Mako, who still has to look after Wu, clashes with Bolin about this. The two of them fight over what Kuvira has done. The other world leaders, including Suyin, are very upset with Kuvira. Suyin tries to talk to Kuvira, but Kuvira insists that Suyin was too cowardly and lazy to help the Earth Kingdom when it needed it, and that now Kuvira will do the job.

Mako has to look after Wu, as supporters of Kuvira constantly attack him in the streets. The poor prince feels very dejected about his coronation and his future prospects. We also set up a few threads for later episodes here: Varrick appears to be doing experiments on Spirit Vines for Kuvira, for what purpose we don't know. Tenzin sends Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo on a special mission to find Korra.

Parenthood: A Potpourri of Freaks (6x04)

I'll just jump right in, and take this story by story.

Crosby admits to Jasmine and Jabbar that he got into a motorcycle crash, which causes Jasmine to insist that he not ride his bike anymore. Crosby therefore has to take the minivan to go track down Oliver Rome, who is at some sort of spiritual healing retreat. Crosby finds Oliver, and learns that he's already signed a deal with someone else. Turns out, the Luncheonette had a contract with Ashes of Rome, but not with Oliver Rome the solo artist. Crosby is furious, of course. He comes home and jumps on his bike, zooming off as Jasmine rushes outside to try and stop him.

This was probably the weakest plot thread. I wasn't very amused by Crosby interrupting the spiritual retreat. I think I was supposed to think it was funny, and I just didn't. I'm not quite sure I understand what we're supposed to make of Crosby's behavior here, especially his zooming away on a motorcycle with no helmet there at the end. Obviously he's got some anger issues going on... but what are they stemming from? I didn't find much to enjoy or get excited about in this plot thread, but I swear to God if Crosby crashes that bike and dies, there will be Hell to pay.

At Chambers Academy, Kristina is frustrated with a new student, a girl named Dylan. Dylan and Max immediately start hanging out. Dylan calls Max "aspergers" instead of calling him by his name, and starts putting all sorts of ideas in to Max's head. Kristina is angry, and wants Adam to talk to Max. She talks to Dylan, telling her to not call people names. Dylan is disrespectful and doesn't seem to grasp anything Kristina is saying. When Adam asks Max about Dylan, Max asks his dad what he's supposed to do if he likes a girl.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grey's Anatomy: Only Mama Knows (11x04)

Great episode. I really enjoyed it.

We spend most of the episode with Meredith and Richard, as they have flashbacks to the time when Ellis would have gotten pregnant with Maggie. Turns out, the story goes something like this: Ellis and Richard had made a pact to run away together and leave their spouses. Just before they were set to leave, however, Ellis learns that she's up for a Harper Avery. Richard feels jealous of Ellis' accomplishments, and realizes that he'll spend the rest of his life feeling like second best if he goes with Ellis. That day at the carousel, Richard tells Ellis that he can't leave with her. Just after this, Ellis tries to kill herself. She finds out about her pregnancy while at the hospital.

She and Meredith move to Boston and stay hidden way during Ellis' pregnancy. Ellis gives up the baby for adoption, and Meredith starts the first grade. Everything goes back to normal.

In the present day, Meredith's memories of these events are jogged by reading her mother's diary. Richard feels guilty for not following through on the plan, and he tells Meredith how sorry he is for ruining everything. Meredith also spends time with a patient: a young girl with a giant tumor. She had been abandoned outside of the hospital, in really bad shape. Meredith eventually learns that the patient and the patient's mother are illegal immigrants, and that the mother was afraid of losing her daughter. Meredith gets them some help, promising that they won't take the child away from her mother.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Vampire Diaries: Welcome to Paradise (6x03)

The Vampire Diaries is an enormously flawed show, as I think its fan-base can attest. Does anyone actually hate The Vampire Diaries as much as its fans? In any case, for all its flaws, this show does a couple of things really well. For one, it never lets itself get complacent. We're always trying new things, and new iterations of these characters. For another, Elena is a nice solid moral center for the show. Even when she turned her humanity off, we knew it wasn't really her choice. But now... the Elena that we see in this episode is a horse of a different color. Let's go through the plot and then discuss this a bit more.

Elena is now without her memories of loving Damon, and is seemingly very happy. Caroline is a bit weirded out by this, but she and everyone else have agreed to hide the truth from Elena so she can continue living in her delusional world. Stefan shows up in Mystic Falls, on a mission to kill Enzo in revenge for killing Ivy. Stefan meets up with Elena, and is nonplussed to see that she's doing so well, and doesn't seem to be missing Damon at all. Elena invites Stefan to a lake party, and Stefan accepts, because he hears that Enzo will be there.

Elena wants to get the whole gang back together for some fun, but nobody else seems interested. Caroline is mad that she's hiding from her pain, Stefan is just there for revenge, Tyler isn't drinking so he can work on his anger management, Matt is the designated driver for one of his Mystic Falls friends, Jeremy his busy making out with Sarah to hide from his grief over Bonnie.