Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Parenthood: Lean In (6x09)

Okay... I don't know. There were a few things that I'm a little bit nervous about. But, for the most part I thought it was a really good episode. Let's just take this one step at a time.

First, you've got Julia and Joel. They still haven't signed their divorce papers, and Joel is insistent that he wants to talk to Julia some more. Julia tells Chris that she's having lunch with Joel, just to help give him some closure. At lunch, Joel makes a speech about how much he loves Julia, and how he wants a second chance. When Julia tells Chris that she and Joel still haven't signed the papers, Chris starts to question what's going on. Julia insists that Chris shouldn't pressure her, but Chris breaks things off between them, convinced that Julia is still in love with Joel. Julia talks to her mother about her relationship, and while Camille says that marriage is about forgiveness, Julia says she doesn't think she can forgive Joel. Even though they have both made mistakes, Joel is the one who gave up on their marriage, and Julia doesn't know if she can forgive that. Later, Julia goes over to Joel's place and brings the divorce papers. She signs them, and says it's time for Joel to do the same. Instead, the two of them end up making out.

I liked this. A lot. I have been waiting and waiting for Julia and Joel to find their way back to each other! I like that this isn't so cut and dry. I still don't know if they're going to get back together, or if this is some sort of way of saying goodbye. A final moment of weakness. That ambiguity makes the moment all the more touching and bittersweet. I will say this, though... Chris turned into a jerk right at the end. He totally was pressuring Julia! I mean, I get why he would be upset with her, but he's new to this whole situation. Julia and Joel have been married for years. He can't expect the end of that relationship to suit his timetable. I think ultimately this was a strong plot thread, even if Chris ended up more of a jerk than I would have liked.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Modern Family: Three Turkeys (6x08)

Yay! I've said again and again that Modern Family shines the brightest when all of the family comes together. It allows for so many creative opportunities. Let's take a look at this Thanksgiving-themed episode.

On Thanksgiving, we see Phil preparing the meal. He has agreed to make the food this year, to give Claire a break, but of course she is nervous that he is going to mess the whole thing up. She prepares a backup turkey, and she and Alex wait to swoop in and save the dinner from Phil and Luke, if need be. Claire and Alex accidentally blow the fuse while they're in the garage, which means that they all have to move the Thanksgiving dinner over to Jay and Gloria's house.

Jay and Gloria, meanwhile are lying about their own Thanksgiving. They had plans to be in Mexico, but when the trip got cancelled, they decided to pretend to still be in Mexico so they can have a quiet holiday together. When Claire, Phil, and the kids show up at the house, Jay and Gloria try to hide in the bedroom to get away from everyone.

Mitch and Cam, meanwhile, have been having some problems with Lily. Cam spoils her, so she never does as she's told. When Cam tells Lily to put on the dress they got her for Thanksgiving, Lily does so by putting the dress over the clothes she's already wearing. When they get to Jay and Gloria's house, Mitch and Cam decide to make a point by wearing some of Gloria's dresses to show Lily how silly she's being.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Things We Bury (2x08)

Loved it! Great episode. Answered a lot of questions and raised a lot of new questions. Very, very awesome. I mean, I missed Fitzsimmons again, but we'll get them back eventually. I hope. Let's just talk about what happened first.

So, Bobbi is interrogating one of HYDRA's people, Bakshi. He lets something slip that makes it sound like Whitehall knew Red Skull personally. Simmons, Lance, Bobbi, and May all dig into some old files at the base. These files were hidden there by Peggy Carter. Through these files, and through a series of flashbacks, we learn the true origins of Whitehall.

His original name was Reinhardt, and he was a Nazi scientist working with the Obelisk. He finds out that certain people can touch it, but others die when they do. Peggy Carter arrests Reinhardt, and he remains in prison for several decades. He is then released by Alexander Pierce, and brought to a woman who he had met back in the 40's. The weird thing? She hasn't aged. Reinhardt does tests on this woman, cutting her up and leaving her completely torn apart. He uses what he learns to de-age himself, and then he takes on the name Whitehall and continues on with HYDRA.

Skye's father has been working with Whitehall on the Obelisk, but as part of the flashbacks we see him discover the woman that Reinhardt killed, and vow to do the same thing to Reinhardt. This woman - you guessed it - is Skye's mother.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Supernatural: Ask Jeeves (10x06)

Okay do you guys remember that episode in Season Eight, "Trial and Error," where Sam completes the first trial? It had a family of snooty rich people in it, and while that episode had some good things in it, the snooty family kinda sucked. They were lame and cliche and I was not a fan. Well, when I saw the promo for "Ask Jeeves," I thought I might have similar complaints. However, I am happy to report that I was wrong. Let's do a quick plot summary.

Dean finds one of Bobby's old phones, which contains a message about an heiress named Bunny, who has recently died and has apparently left Bobby something in the will. Sam and Dean decide to go check it out. When they get there, they find a morally bankrupt family of entitled jerks. The butler tells Sam and Dean that the only thing they've inherited is a key. There are jewels on it, but apparently they aren't real. Sam and Dean come back to the house to find that there has been a murder, and that since they were in the house around the time of death, they have to stick around to be questioned by the police.

Things start unraveling rather quickly after that - somebody believes that the murderer was the ghost of Bunny's dead husband. Sam and Dean think this might be a vengeful spirit thing going on, but when Sam finds the body of the butler at the same time as Dean thinks he's talking to the butler, they realize: it's a shifter. They use silverware to surreptitiously check each of the house's inhabitants, but nobody sizzles. Later, the family turns on Sam and Dean - after all, nobody started dying until these two strangers turned up! They lock Sam and Dean in a room.

Castle: Once Upon a Time in the West (7x07)

Again with the adorable. Last week was sweet and romantic and just so wonderful, this week was funny and playful and again showcased the strongest thing about this show: Beckett and Castle's relationship. Let's dive right in.

In an unusual move for this show, we actually briefly see our murder victim alive at the beginning of the episode, in the hospital. She is dying, but she manages to drop a few hints before she dies, which makes the doctors believe she might have been murdered. The team is called in to investigate.

In order to do so, Beckett and Castle go under cover as a newly wed couple (funny, that) at a dude ranch in Arizona. While there, they learn that the murdered woman was apparently having an affair with a married man. When they find the man, however, Castle learns that she came on to him and he rejected her. Turns out, it was a ploy to get the man's key, which opened a shed with dynamite in it. What was the dynamite for? Apparently she was searching for some lost gold and needed to blow open its hiding place! Castle and Beckett find the place where the gold is supposed to be, but when they open the crate they find a body instead.

Turns out, the victim was the daughter of a man who, along with two partners, found the gold several years ago. One of the men is dead in the crate. One of them gets brought in for questioning by Ryan and Espo. They believe he must be the killer. But no - it's the third partner, who works at the dude ranch. He and Castle have a showdown, but Beckett turns up in time to save Castle, and the man is arrested.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Walking Dead: Consumed (5x06)

I am super annoyed right now because I actually wrote out most of this review, and then I lost the whole thing. So. I apologize for my brevity, but I don't feel like putting the time in to redo this. Grrrrr.

This was a great episode. It focused on Daryl and Carol, connecting back to the time we saw them drive off in pursuit of the car with white crosses. They follow the car to Atlanta. They decide to lay low and try to watch, to see what's going on and what has happened to Beth. After staying in a building that used to be a temporary shelter (Carol and Sophia had once stayed there to get away from Carol's husband), Carol and Daryl decide to find a high vantage point to look over the city. They come across Noah (Beth's friend from the hospital) who takes their weapons. Daryl stops Carol from shooting Noah, saying that he is just a kid.

Daryl and Carol find a van with the white crosses on it, and upon investigation they find stuff from a hospital, which gives them further clues about Beth. However, this van is hanging precariously off a bridge, and when a hoard of Walkers show up, they are forced to get inside the van and hope for the best when it falls to the lower level. They do alright, although Carol does injure her shoulder. Back at the shelter, they find Noah. Daryl wants to leave him trapped under a bookcase and let the Walkers get him, but Carol says no. Eventually, Daryl concedes rescues Noah. At this point they realize that Noah is on the run from the people in the hospital, and Noah tells them that he knows Beth.

As Carol, Daryl and Noah go outside, Carol is hit by a police car. The people load her up onto a stretcher. Noah stops Daryl from going after her, saying that those people are the only ones who can help her. Noah and Daryl find a car and head back towards Rick and the rest of the group, determined to find people and guns to storm the hospital and get Beth and Carol back.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Once Upon a Time: Smash the Mirror Part 1/Part 2 (4x08/09)

Okay! Double episode! I'm going to try to reign myself in and keep the plot summary to a minimum, but there were so many things going on here!

Let's start with the Arendelle plot. We see Ingrid sneak off to hide the Sorcerer's Hat, and then go talk to the Sorcerer's Apprentice. She wishes to make a deal with the Sorcerer - she will return the Hat to him, if he helps her to find her third magical sister. The Sorcerer's Apprentice agrees, because the Hat is very important.

Back in the castle, Ingrid tells Elsa that Anna was planning on taking away her magic with a magic hat. Elsa pretends to believe Ingrid, going down to the dungeons to yell at Anna. Once she sends the guards away, Elsa tells Anna that of course she believes in her - the two of them now know that Ingrid is no good, and they decide they have to trap her in the urn again. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff search the castle to find the urn. Once they do, Elsa brings Anna back down to the dungeons. The plan is to send Ingrid down to the dungeons to banish Anna, but Anna will be waiting with the urn to trap Ingrid.

However, the plan goes awry - it turns out that Ingrid was ready for this possibility. She casts a spell on Anna, the Spell of Shattered Sight. It makes it so she can only see the worst in her sister. Later, she confronts Elsa about their childhood, yelling at her for shutting her out all those years. Elsa is hurt, but when Ingrid shows up she realizes the truth - Ingrid must have cast a spell on Anna to make her say those things! Ingrid says the spell only reveals Anna's deepest, truest feelings. Ingrid tells Elsa to hurt Anna, but Elsa refuses. Anna captures Elsa with the urn. Once she does, she comes out of the curse and realizes what she's done. Ingrid decides to embrace her villainy, and she freezes the castle, along with Anna and Kristoff. She also uses magic to erase some of Elsa's memories while she is inside the urn.