Saturday, August 1, 2015

Suits: Privilege (5x06)

Another very solid episode. Good drama, good fluff. I do have a few complaints, but let's start with a plot summary first. For this episode, I think I'm going to divide the three plots and talk about each in turn, since they don't really intersect much.

Harvey and Rachel are working on a case to defend a man falsely accused of illegal activity on the stock market. Harvey feels confident that he can save the man from prison - that is, until he sees that Dr. Agard is being deposed to talk about what the accused person talked about during their sessions together. Turns out, Agard works for this guy's company. Harvey tells Agard to lie to protect his client, but she won't. She shows up the next day and says that her patient said he felt guilty about the money he lost. Harvey knows he has a way to discredit her testimony, but he is loathe to do it. He has no choice: Harvey brings up the fact that Agard lied because she cared about a patient, and that her patient died as a result. Harvey makes it seem like Agard has a history of lying because of her affection for her patients. Agard is livid, insisting that Harvey did what he did in order to get back at her for bringing up his mother. Harvey avidly insists that he did it to help his client.

At this point, Rachel talks to Harvey, revealing that she knows he's been having panic attacks. She has an idea that could help save their client from jail - Dr. Agard's files could contain information from other company employees that would prove his innocence. Harvey goes to Agard to ask for her help. He feels terrible about what he did, but this isn't about them - it's about Dr. Agard's patient - Harvey's client. Agard hands over the files, even though they don't have the information Harvey needs. Harvey uses the files to bluff the opposition, and he is successful.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Suits: Toe to Toe (5x05)

Yikes, Harvey! That was intense. And once again, Jessica is the ultimate bad-ass. Let's dive right in.

Harvey, in an attempt to get back to his normal fighting self, decides to take on a case against Travis Tanner. He brings Mike in on the case, so it can be like old times. At first, everything goes to plan, but Mike starts to notice that Harvey is obsessed with beating Travis. The case takes some interesting turns, and they learn that Travis' client is claiming that Harvey's client sexually harrassed her. Harvey thinks this is a lie, that Travis is playing them. Mike goes to talk to Travis' client, and finds out it was actually her idea. As the case continues, Mike becomes more and more convinced that the right thing to do is take the settlement offer. Harvey, however, is determined to beat Tanner.

Things escalate even further when Harvey and Tanner get into it on the street. Tanner makes crass jokes about Donna, and about Harvey's mother, and Harvey punches him. Mike has to hold him back and tell Tanner to leave. Eventually, Tanner asks Mike to come meet with him, and Mike does. He convinces Tanner to take his name off the case and give it to somebody else. Once Mike shows Harvey that he can settle on the case without losing to Travis Tanner, Harvey capitulates, realizing that he'd let Tanner get in his head.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Suits: No Puedo Hacerlo (5x04)

Okay, so I obviously love Amy Acker, and it was really cool to see her in this episode. However... I have some serious reservations. Let's get started with the plot.

Louis' sister Esther, played by the incredible Amy Acker, shows up at the firm to ask for help handling her divorce. She wants Harvey to handle the case, saying that Louis is too close to the situation to be objective. The issue is that Esther's husband wants a larger share of Esther's company than was originally agreed upon. Harvey agrees to fight on Esther's behalf, but he learns that she had agreed years ago that he could have half of the company. With Rachel's help, Harvey works to find something fair. They end up giving 5% more to Esther's husband than the agreement, so that Esther can finally get closure and admit that she and her husband both had parts to play in their divorce. He cheated on her, but she was emotionally distant and always put her needs first.

While all of this is going on, Louis is trying to eavesdrop on the case. Donna warns him to butt out. Harvey, through his experience with Esther and her husband, realizes that he needs to acknowledge all that Donna has done for him over the years, and he sincerely thanks her for the last twelve years. Harvey also goes to Louis and seems to be mending fences. He asks Louis to fix the compensation disaster.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Suits: No Refills (5x03)

This was not an episode built around Mike/ Harvey bromance, but the moments that we got were extremely adorable. so I'm pretty happy. On top of that, there were a lot of other really strong relationships being showcased. Let's take a look.

Jessica tells Harvey to make things right with Jack. When Harvey tries to clear the air between them, Jack shoots him down, and Harvey decides to beat him back. With the aid of Gretchen, his new secretary, he finds a way to steal one of Jack's clients. Louis tells Jack he doesn't want to be part of the feud with Harvey anymore, but Jack blackmails him, saying he'll tell everybody about Louis leaving Harvey's salary out. Donna is furious at Louis for continuing to put her in situations where she has to hurt Harvey, but when Louis tells her that Harvey threatened to take her back, Donna's anger turns to Harvey instead. She tells him that even if she did leave Louis, she wouldn't come back to him. After a conversation with Jessica about his abandonment issues, Harvey has another panic attack. Mike witnesses it, when suddenly Jack comes into the room to continue his fight with Harvey. Harvey says he's in the process of stealing Jack's other clients. He asks Mike to help him find a way to make that happen.

Mike has been working on the case with Robert Zane. Rachel warns Mike that Robert might not treat him fairly, and it turns out she was right. Jessica had asked Robert to treat Mike as his full and equal partner, because Mike was the one representing her firm. However, Robert treats Mike as nothing more than an associate. Mike has to ditch Harvey to work on the case, but after witnessing Harvey's panic attack, he agrees to help him with his problem with Jack. He still manages to succeed in his case with Zane, however, prompting Zane to acknowledge him as a partner.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Suits: Compensation (5x02)

Mike and Harvey did not interact at all in this episode. That makes me sad. But this episode was really awesome, and that makes me happy. Let's try and discuss all the new plot developments, because there was actually a lot going on here!

Harvey looks for a replacement for Donna, foregoing several beautiful Donna-like candidates for an older woman with a practical head on her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Jack, one of the firm's senior partners, comes to Louis with an idea to change the structure of the company's salaries. This new idea would favor Louis, and leave Harvey with less. Louis decides to encourage Jack so that he can later shoot down Jack's idea at a meeting, in order to solidify his loyalty to Harvey. During the meeting, however, Harvey acts like a jerk and storms out. Louis is now on Jack's side, and decides to "accidentally" leave Harvey's salary lying around so that the other partners will see it and get mad about how much Harvey makes.

However, at this point Harvey comes to Louis and apologizes. Louis wants to stop the plan, but it's too late - Harvey's salary has been leaked. Harvey realizes that this whole thing started when Louis found out that Harvey helped pay Donna's salary, since Donna deserved more than the standard rate. Louis is intimidated by how much money it is. Harvey goes to Donna and asks her to tell the truth about Louis' plan to share his salary with everybody. Donna knows she can't betray Louis' trust, because Louis will lose his job. She accuses Harvey of being jealous of Donna and Louis' new relationship. Her feelings are only confirmed when Harvey reveals that he's been paying her salary all these years.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Suits: Denial (5x01)

Oh my God Harvey. You poor dear! And poor Donna! Seriously I'm so upset. But also so excited about this season! This episode was honestly really hard to watch, but at the same time when it ended I had the biggest grin on my face. Let's go over the plot.

Basically, Donna has left Harvey and is going to start working for Louis. Donna tries to be an adult about it, but Harvey insists that they rip off the band-aid and just get it over with. Donna doesn't stay with Harvey for her final two weeks, therefore, and instead goes straight to working with Louis. Harvey is in denial. He thinks that Donna will come back. Louis is also uncertain about Donna's new position, as he thinks that Donna will abandon him and run back to Harvey. Harvey goes to see a therapist, hoping to be given anti-anxiety medication. He has been suffering from panic attacks due to losing Donna. He fears that he's going to drop the ball and mess things up.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Mike decide to keep their engagement a secret for the time being. Originally, they were going to tell Donna, but the news about Donna now working for Louis eclipses all else from their minds. Rachel misses a test in school because she sticks around and helps Harvey. Harvey is still refusing to hire a new secretary, thinking that Donna will come back. The case that Harvey and Mike are working on nearly gets screwed up because of a minor oversight of Rachel's, but Mike tells him it's his own fault for not hiring a new secretary. Rachel shouldn't be blamed, since this isn't even her job!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outlander: To Ransom a Man's Soul (1x16)

Well then. That's one way to end a season. Honestly, this episode was even tougher than the last one, so if you couldn't stomach, 1x15, steer clear of the followup. Let's take a look at the plot.

Murtagh and the MacKenzie men successfully enter Wentworth Prison by causing chaos with a herd of cows. They get Jamie out, but he is badly injured, both physically and psychologically. Jamie, Claire, and the other men stay at the nearby Scotsman's house while Jamie recovers from his ordeal. It seems no matter what anybody says, Jamie is convinced there's no coming back from what happened to him. He is suicidal, and he actually asks one of the men to kill him. When Claire finds out, she realizes she cannot keep coddling him. She needs to get to the bottom of what happened.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Modern Family: American Skyper (6x24)

Cute finale! Poor Haley and Andy... let's jump right in.

Alex has graduated from high school, and the whole family gets together at Jay and Gloria's house for a party. The whole family, that is, except for Phil, who got stuck out of town. He still manages to be at the party, sort of, by staying on a video chat on a rolling camera so he can move around and communicate with the whole family. Throughout the party, lots of shenanigans take place, with Phil trying to mediate all the chaos.

Mitchell and Cam have plans to buy the unit above theirs and expand their home, but Cam notices that Mitchell doesn't seem too excited. We learn that Mitchell has actually lost his job, and has been going to the park during the day and hanging out with an old man named Spencer. He didn't tell Cam that he lost his job, and now he wants Phil to help him so that they don't have to buy the unit upstairs, because they can no longer afford it. Cam is suspicious of Mitchell's behavior, and when he sees texts from a guy named Spencer on his phone, he thinks Mitchell is having an affair. When the truth comes out, Cam is just relieved that Mitchell hasn't been unfaithful, and they decide they'll buy the unit upstairs anyway. They can rent it out for now - it's still a great opportunity. Also, during all of this, Cam has been having trouble with his speech, because he got adult braces.

This plot thread didn't really do much for me. The braces thing was funny for a second, but it actually just got really annoying to hear Cam talk with a lisp. They purposefully wrote his lines with a lot of "s" words to really emphasize the impediment, and it felt sort of childish. Also, it's pretty horrible of Mitchell to hide such a huge secret from his husband, and I feel like the episode didn't really address the more serious aspects of Mitchell's mistakes. However, there were a few cute moments, like when Cam read Mitchell's phone through the bottom of a glass table.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Supernatural: Brother's Keeper (10x23)

I'm really disappointed, actually. That wan't very good at all. That was just... ugh. I have a lot of complaints. But let's start first with the plot. God, I'm so annoyed. Grr.

Dean is working a case with Rudy, another hunter, but then Dean tells Rudy to get lost and that he'll handle it himself. Rudy calls Sam and tells him where Dean is, since he can tell something is terribly wrong with him. Dean finds a vampire's nest, and allows Rudy to get stabbed and killed before he take out the vampires, killing them ruthlessly. He goes back to his hotel room and has a meltdown, destroying the whole room. Then, he leaves a note that says "she's all yours" with the keys to the impala for Sam to find, and he takes off.

Sam leaves Cas with Rowena, telling him to please find a way to enact the spell that will remove the Mark of Cain. He tracks Dean to the hotel room, finds the destruction and the note, and then... he gets a call from Dean. Dean has summoned Death, and Death has offered to remove him from Earth to protect everybody from the Mark of Cain. He can't kill Dean, and he can't take the Mark off of Dean unless Dean passes it to somebody else. Since Dean is unwilling to do that, he'll have to continue, immortal, with the Mark for the rest of eternity. Turns out, if the Mark is not tethered to a person, it releases something called the Darkness, which existed before the world was created. God created a Mark to tether the Darkness, and he gave it to Lucifer. Lucifer then gave it to Cain, who gave it to Dean. Dean calls Sam and tells him where he is. It's time to say goodbye.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outlander: Wentworth Prison (1x15)

So, if you're on the fence about this episode, and you're not sure if you can stomach it, find somebody who's already seen it and they'll tell you what's what. It's... yeah. There are certain parts where I had to look away, watch through my fingers, or even pause altogether and take a break to watch something light and fluffy on Netflix. It's an intense episode, and even as somebody who can handle a lot of dark content, I was feeling pretty queasy by the end of it. Let's start with a plot summary.

Jamie is standing in the courtyard of Wentworth Prison, waiting to hear his name called out to be hanged. McQuarrie is with him, and Jamie is forced to watch as he dies. However, just as Jamie has the rope put around his own neck, Jack Randall shows up and saves him from the noose. Jack brings Jamie down to a dungeon cellar. Jack wants Jamie to admit defeat and surrender to him. If he does that, Jack promises to let Jamie die in the manner of his own choosing. Jamie refuses to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Claire poses as a distant relation of Jamie's, hoping to be allowed to see him. This doesn't work, and Claire is given a box of Jamie's personal effects to pass along to the family. Murtagh and Claire despair, but some of the other MacKenzie men manage to find out information about the prison's schedule. They do so by drinking and gambling with some of the British guards. Claire goes back into the prison, lying and saying that she was given permission to retrieve a letter from Jamie. Murtagh knocks out a nosy guard, and Claire sneaks through the prison. She unlocks a backdoor that can serve as an escape later on, and then tries to find Jamie.