25 November 2015

Castle: Mr. & Mrs. Castle (8x08)

Okay, I don't mean to be so negative but... what the hell was that?


Castle and Beckett are back together, proving once and for all that their separation was total nonsense. Nothing but a cheap narrative ploy to mix up things that did not need to be mixed up. Castle learns the truth about Beckett's plans to take down these evil drug people, and he confronts Beckett, asking her why in hell she had to break up with him to do this. Beckett goes on with some nonsense about protecting him, but Castle shoots down that argument just as firmly as I've been shooting it down all season - he points out that Beckett could have told Castle the whole truth and then they could have staged a breakup and took down the bad guy together. Castle says that Beckett is clearly broken, needing the obsession to drive her.

All of this would actually be a good point if Beckett's real behavior had backed it up during the season. But she "pushed Castle away" in name only, continuing to see him on a regular basis, and not fighting very hard against his attempts to fight his way back into her life. How does that indicate a broken person unable to form a good relationship? And how is that supposed to protect him from the baddies? It makes no sense. And if that's the explanation we're going with, why on earth did Castle forgive her so easily? It's pretty weak.

24 November 2015

The Walking Dead: Heads Up (6x07)

What the heck? What the what the what the what? I'm just... what?


Why did they even bother to try and fake us out with the Glenn death thing? What a cheap marketing ploy! Like, I figured what with all the hoopla surrounding his death that he had probably miraculously survived. But to tell us that just a few episodes later makes no sense. Why even bother to do any of this? Why did we have to think that Glenn was dead? I mean, nobody believed it, first of all. And second of all, it's just such a slap in the face to the audience to pull a "just kidding!" that's so uncreative that literally every single fan of the show had already predicted the exact outcome. Nicholas' body was the one being torn apart, Glenn gets under the dumpster. Uninspired to say the least.

Doctor Who: Face the Raven (9x10)

I'm annoyed. Not surprised, but annoyed. Siiiiiiggggghhhhhh.


I'm not mad that Clara died. Honestly, I'm not. I mean it was pretty obvious it was coming, but still, I felt like it was an okay ending for her character. The companions have too high of a survival rate anyway. And nothing else would ever make Clara leave her adventurous life with the Doctor. Death was the only way. But here's the thing -  Clara's death was all about the Doctor. Did you notice that? In her final moments, she told the Doctor not to seek revenge. Okay, fine. But she didn't mention her students, or her family, or anything freakin' personal about herself. I think she may have mumbled Danny Pink's name once, vaguely, but for the most part these final touching scenes were all about Clara comforting the Doctor in her final moments. Seriously! It's not Jenna Coleman's fault, but Clara just sucks as a character. Her entire life and death revolve around the Doctor to the point that it's absurd. How is it that a character who actually has a canonical life outside of the Doctor (being a teacher) could fail to have any personality outside of him?

22 November 2015

Grey's Anatomy: Things We Lost in the Fire (12x08)

This episode did not feel like a mid-season finale. It didn't have any over-the-top catastrophe with multiple deaths. None of our principle characters are in physical danger. A few big moments are interspersed with a lot of smaller details. Despite it not feeling as big as a mid-season finale normally does, I still greatly enjoyed what I got.


Normally, I don't mind the voice overs in Grey's Anatomy, even if they can be a bit hokey. This week, though, the whole "fire" analogy felt particularly forced. The fire itself was rather unnecessary. We could just as easily have had all the patient-based plot threads this week without trying to centralize things with a big disaster. The only thing this served to accomplish was to have Bailey handle her first serious catastrophe as chief. This idea wasn't given a lot of time to develop, so it almost felt like it could have been done away with altogether.

Speaking of very little time to develop, Penny had almost no screen time in this episode. Believe me, I'm not complaining about that on principle - I'm not exactly a big fan of Penny, as I find her character to be pretty boring as of yet. But in terms of the pacing of this season, I find it odd that her character didn't have anything to do in the mid-season finale. It seems like after all that buildup and the fallout of her identity, she should continue to play a bigger role moving forward.

21 November 2015

The Vampire Diaries: Mommie Dearest (7x07)

Okay! This is an episode with a lot of things to love, and a few things to grumble about. Let's take a look!


Caroline is pregnant with Alaric's twins. I'm sorry, but it's just weird. And they did a fake out thing where at first you think she isn't, but it turns out the babies were just cloaked, so they've been there the whole time. This is just... weird. I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of Caroline being pregnant when she had no desire to be, and in a situation where she can't make decisions about her own body because the babies aren't even hers. It's strange and it feels very forced.

Valerie is actually growing on me a little bit as a character, but I hate the fact that Valerie is the one to tell Caroline about the baby that she lost at Julian's hands. I really thought Stefan should be the one to do that. It seems like the Stefan/Caroline romance is being ripped apart before it really gets a chance to get underway, and I'm feeling frustrated by the missed opportunities.

20 November 2015

The Big Bang Theory: The Platonic Permutation (9x09)

Aww... I actually felt really bad for Amy in this episode! Unfortunately, this installment was kind of a dud, with the exception of one plot thread. Let's take a look.


This week, we get a look at our cast of characters as they celebrate Thanksgiving. Penny and Leonard prepare to host a meal for everybody, but they get into a fight about Leonard knowing Penny better than she knows him. It all starts with Penny not knowing Leonard's birthday. However, Leonard accidentally lets slip a piece of information that he learned from reading Penny's private journal, and the argument escalates. Leonard ends up wearing lingerie that he got for Penny in order to embarrass himself and get her to forgive him. Nothing about this plot thread was particularly funny, and it also didn't offer anything high-stakes. Their argument was mostly played for laughs, although in my opinion not knowing your husband's birthday is pretty awful, and invading your wife's privacy by reading her private journal is pretty despicable. I think we were supposed to find this little spat amusing, but it didn't really work for me at all. In addition, this was another example of this show wasting opportunities. I wanted to see Penny and Leonard host a big fun Thanksgiving dinner, but instead we only saw the prep work and no real final result.

Elementary: Tag, You're Me (4x03)

Ehhhh.... kind of a weak one in my opinion. Not terrible, but not strong. Let's take a look.


The cases themselves have never been the strongest thing about Elementary, but often they draw my interest by bringing in an interesting moral or political question. This week didn't have that. I won't go into the details, but basically this week our case involved a website that matched up people who looked similar, and proved that certain facial recognition software had serious flaws. The murderer ended up being a cop avenging his brother's death in a frat party's hazing years ago, but the crimes multiply as we find out that one of the guys from the site set up the murders. Nothing about this really clicked for me. It sort of felt like a couple of different cases being squeezed into one. There were no particularly interesting revelations, and Sherlock and Joan's involvement in the case felt lackluster. This was their first week back with the NYPD, and I wanted a bit more.

Speaking of that, we didn't have any good scenes between Sherlock and Gregson and Bell, as they welcomed him and Joan back from their brief hiatus. I thought maybe there would be some good character moments there, but there was nothing special about this case at all. It felt like any other week.

Supernatural: Plush (11x07)

Supernatural is killing it this season with the C-plot episodes. Awesome! Let's take a look.


This episode ends with a scene of Sam and Dean in the impala. Sam discusses his visions of the Cage with Dean, thinking that maybe that's where the answers are about the Darkness. We also see Sam praying to God at the beginning, asking for answers about what he's been seeing. All of that is fantastic, and I'm so excited to see where it's leading. But Dean is being way too dismissive about this. He keeps brushing off Sam's concerns, and it's getting ridiculous. If you don't want Sam to lie to you, maybe you should try and listen to him when he talks, Dean! I feel so bad for Sam, because he feels so alone right now with these visions. I wish that Dean would take him a little more seriously.

19 November 2015

Modern Family: Phil's Sexy, Sexy House (7x07)

Very funny episode. Best we've had all year. This is one of those episodes that plays to Modern Family's strengths. A series of silly misunderstandings, interconnecting plots bringing all the characters together, and a clear theme. Very nice!


The only slight misstep of the episode was Manny's subplot with baby Joe. It wasn't even necessarily a bad subplot, but it didn't get a lot of time to be fleshed out, and wasn't particularly stand-out in any way. Basically, Manny uses Joe's adorableness to win favor with a girl he's invited over. Joe doesn't behave, latching on to the girl's leg and biting, pretending to be a "bad dog." Manny puts Joe in Stella's cage to punish him. Like I said, this just didn't have very much to offer.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Many Heads, One Tale (3x08)

It happened. It finally happened. Oh my God. I cannot even process this. I've been waiting since the pilot episode and it finally freakin' happened. C'mon, you all know what I'm talking about. Let's... start with some other things, though.


So the twist with the ATCU this week is that instead of trying to cure Inhumans, it looks like they're shopping out fish oil pills to as many people as possible, trying to get people to transform. I like this twist, but what I didn't like was the super obvious twist on the twist, which was that Rosalind didn't know about it. I know I'm being sort of fickle, because last week I said that I hoped she wasn't Hydra. And I stand by that. But it just felt sort of obvious. The more Coulson yelled at her to reveal the truth, the more clear it was that Rosalind didn't know what was going on. Maybe I would have felt a stronger connection in this scene if Coulson could have given Rosalind the benefit of the doubt, instead of just jumping to conclusions.